Entertaining Power Co. Limited was found in 2003, actively participated and exploring diversified opportunity in the entertainment industry among Hong Kong, China, Pacific Asia as far as the rest of the world. We have successfully launched numerous videos, TV and hundred of movie contents via production, distribution, copyright licensing, promotion regionally and internationally, in order to provide audiences massive choice of quality contents.

We are a group of pragmatic and experienced team with keen marketing sense brings out amazing records among years, especially the theatrical and video release in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. Such as “Ip Man”《葉問》, “Poker King”《撲克王》, “Cold War”《寒戰》, “Racer Legend”《賽車傳奇》, “Scheme With Me”《雙城計中計》, “Firestorm”《風暴》, “Zombie 108”《棄城》, “Abba” 《阿爸》, “The Constable” 《衝鋒戰警》, “Kick Ass Girls ”《爆3俏嬌娃》, “S For Sex, S For Secrets”《小組誘心》, “Love Detective”《沒女神探》, “ Guia In Love”《燈塔下的戀人》, “ Are You Here”《碟仙碟仙》, “ Anniversary”《紀念日》, “ PG Love”《PG戀愛指引》, “Show Me Your Love”《大手牽小手》, “Vampire Cleanup Department”《救殭清道夫》, “Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight”《今晚打喪屍》, “The Tag Along2” 《紅衣小女孩2》, “Devil Fish: The Tag Along Sequel”《紅衣小女孩外傳︰人面魚》, “A Lifetime Treasure”《如珠如寶》, “I’m Livin’ It”《麥路人》and so on.

Films distribution

The remarkable success in distribution made us stronger and believed in our goal. Films distributed such as “Ip Man “《葉問》, “Poker King”《撲克王》, “Cold War”《寒戰》 (which created NT $65 million record that surprised Hong Kong and China box office. In Thailand, it recorded nearly $3 million baht box office), “Racer Legend”《賽車傳奇》, “Firestorm”《風暴》, “ Are You Here”《碟仙碟仙》etc. In between, “Ip Man” 《葉問》has cumulated its box office to NT $27 million, which was the first runner-up of all Chinese-language films in 2008. It also resulted in enhancing the reputation of superstar Donnie Yen who has drawn huge of attention not only in Taiwan but also among the world.

We have been trying to boost the quota in distributing China productions theatrically in Taiwan by approaching close to their valuable indicators. Successful distributed films included “Visitors from the Sui Dynasty”《隋朝來客》, “Royal Tattoo”《皇家刺青》and “Kung Fu Hip-hop”《精舞門》. They were exceptional entry other than big budget productions with famous casts.

Besides, we are well prepared to explore various opportunities among European and American market. There was successful record when distributing “Zombie 108”《棄城》, “Abba”《阿爸》, “Vampire Cleanup Department”《救殭清道夫》, “The Game Changer”《遊戲規則》, “Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight”《今晚打喪屍》and “The Tag Along 2”《紅衣小女孩2》, and we are planning to deliver more quality films to audiences overseas.

There is no doubt that film promotion is also important, we believed suitable arrangement in theatrical release, sponsors, promotional events, and media interviews are all well needed. When promoting Hong Kong film “Poker King”《撲克王》in Taiwan, we were the first company to bring the entire casino to Ximending that received lots of attentions and appreciations from public.

Films Production

We are also involved in certain production of selected high-quality projects, including “Zombie 108”《棄城》, “Kick Ass Girls ”《爆3俏嬌娃》, “S For Sex, S For Secrets”《小組誘心》, “Love Detective”《沒女神探》, “ Guia In Love”《燈塔下的戀人》, “ Are You Here”《碟仙碟仙》, “ Anniversary”《紀念日》, “ PG Love”《PG戀愛指引》, “Show Me Your Love”《大手牽小手》, “Vampire Cleanup Department”《救殭清道夫》, “Binding Souls”《綁靈》, “A Lifetime Treasure”《如珠如寶》, “i’m livin’ it”《麥路人》. In 2020, we are preparing the production of “City of Darkness”《九龍城寨》and so on. Throughout such international cooperation, could bring and enhance number of high-quality films to different audiences.

Video distribution in Hong Kong

One of our majority businesses is Hong Kong video distribution. In scope of our unique vision, there were numerous unbreakable records such as “Poker King”《撲克王》which had been the first ranking in highest sales for several weeks in Hong Kong video market.

In 2009, The King of Pop Michael Jackson suddenly died whom we are highly appreciated his records and contribution. Immediately, we were the first company decided to launch his special commemorative sets. The feedback was huge and soonest out of stock. We had received lots of orders for reprinting and it was a miracle to us at the unfavourable economic situation in Hong Kong.

Moreover, we also participated in video distribution for potential or highlighted programs in other Asian Pacific countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Such as “Huayao Bride In Shangri-la” 《花腰新娘》starring Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu, “Amour-Legende” 《松鼠自殺事件》starring Japanese actor Yosuke Kubozuka, “Popoya: Railway Man”《鐵道員》starring Japanese actor Ken Takakura,  “Eternal Love” 《愛相隨》starring Korean actress Lee Young Ae and “The Remaker” 《再世輪回》 produced by Pang brothers. Those are obtaining positive feedback in different markets.

We also strongly recommend the Hong Kong classic titles, and ever distributed many of those enduring films from Stephen Chow Sing-chi, Andy Lau Tak-wah, Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Joey Wong Cho-yee etc. In between, restored “Triad Story” 《江湖最後一個大佬》from Stephen Chow has been the crown in our long term sales.

In addition to films, video distribution of TV series is another important business. The TV series “Wind & Cloud II”《風雲II》has created the record of the fastest sold out video sets. Until now, some companies still enquire about its re-launch. Moreover, Taiwan drama “Hooping Dulcinea”《鬥牛要不要》is another hot pick set with constantly rising sales figures starring Taiwanese actors Mike He Junxiang and Hebe Tien Fuchen.


In order to continues, enhance and promote the mutually beneficial platform of film industry, and under our international network and connections have been built for years. We hope to continue the aim to deliver more and more potential and high-quality programs to cater different needs from audiences around the world.