Ann Poster
  • Film Title: Anniversary
  • Director: Patrick Kong
  • Producer: Paco Wong
  • Screenplay: Patrick Kong
  • Photography: SIUKI YIP HKSC
  • Music: CW, Ben Chong
  • Casts: Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung, Leila Kong
  • Runtime: 108 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 31 Dec 2016 (Hong Kong)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Marriage is like an argument that never ends. After experienced ups and downs within ten years, a sweet and lovely couple Wah (starring Alex Fong) and Po (starring Stephy Tang) celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. Having been married for years, Wah has always wanted to have their own child but Po is not enthusiastic about it for an untellable reason, which affects their relationship. To celebrate their anniversary, Wah and Po are planning to travel to Kobe. Coincidently, Wah re-counters his former secretary Kiki (starring Jacky Cai) again. Po misunderstands on them having a messy relation. Sadly, the couple recalls how Wah cheated on Po for the affair ten years ago. It hurts Po’s feelings deeply. In the end, Po decides to tell Wah the reason of her refusing to have their baby…