new AYH
  • Film Title: Are you here
  • Director: Jil Wong
  • Producer: Patrick Kong, Angus Chan
  • Screenplay: Patrick Kong, Ja Poon
  • Photography: SIUKI YIP HKSC
  • Music: CW, Ben Chong
  • Casts: Helena Law, Susan Siu, Nina Paw, Jacquelin Chong, Sammy Sham, Wilfred Lau, Jumbo Tsang
  • Runtime: 100 mins
  • Theatrical release date: Oct 2015 (Hong Kong)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Chinese Ouija Online Game is designed by Mrs Chan’s son Guodong, unfortunately, Guodong died in a car accident. One day, Mrs Chan come to the office of Fun, Keung, Wai, Lung and Min for helping to finalize and publish the online game! It is the first time for them to acknowledge about the Chinese Ouija, and sounds incredible to be secretive. While the hidden spirit is influencing and confusing everyone, more worse is going to happen…… A month ago, Min found herself pregnant. The unborn baby is in danger and believed that it is converted from an Ouija spirit. Min and Lung contacted the metaphysicians Tinwei (Susan Siu acts) for solution. Ironically, Tinwei is just a cheater. At the end, they found help from Tinwei’s senior sister Tintsz (Helena Law). She has a long and tough negotiation with Guodong’s spirit, in between, she found out the truth of the car accident. If the unborn baby survives? Or the connection between Guodong and Lung could be fixed and settled?