• Film Title: Assassins and The Missing Gold
  • Director: Jeffrey LAU
  • Producer:
  • Screenplay: Jeffrey LAU
  • Photography:
  • Music:
  • Casts: Max ZHANG, Ada CHOI, Andy ON, Yan Yan HUNG
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: ‘The Seven Demons’ whom seven assassins led by ‘Hades’, some years ago met their failure in assassinating an important person in trading a huge quantity of gold bar. Actually, the sheriff Lei Gong (starring Hung Yan Yan) has trapped them by surprise. At last, Hades managed to escape. Through the years, he believes there is a traitor who betrayed them badly. He has been waiting to find out the truth and the missed gold. After the failure, one of ‘The Seven Demons’ Long Fei (starring Max Zhang) with his six-year-old son Xin, separated apart from his wife Yin Fei (starring Ada Choi). One day, they run into five robbers. Long Fei has no choice but showing his fighting talent to save his son. The sheriff 369 passed by there, suspects Long Fei could be in connection with ‘The Seven Demons’. It then be an opportunity for his promotion. During the pursuit, Long Fei comes across Hades, who captures Xin threatening him to return the missing gold. But Long Fei has no idea what was happened. He then find Yin Fei for help, who swore not to see him again. Now they must work together to save their own son and solve the mystery of the missing gold. But sheriff 369 pursues them relentlessly. During their investigation, they discover a series of weird incidents in a village nearby, where Lei Gong is caught by an incurable disease. Before he is dying, he asks his son Lei Gen (starring Chan Kwok Kwan) should never try to crack this case. Teaming up with others, Long Fei decides to visit the mystery Crescent Island to find out the truth. What adventure would be to this ad hoc group on this island?