• Film Title: Band Four
  • Director: Lai Yan Chi
  • Producer: Jacqueline Liu
  • Screenplay:
  • Photography: Meteor Cheung
  • Music:
  • Casts: Kay Tse, Teddy Robin, Hanjin Tan, Manson Cheung, Rondi Chan, Anna hisbbuR, Chu Michael@Pomato
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: This is the story of Cat (starring Kay TSE) who admired the guitarist her father Jia Jin (starring Teddy Robin) since she was a child. But Jia Jin ran away from home when she was ten years old. Many years later, the two reunited in the crematorium. Cat had a 9-year-old son, Riley (starring Rondi Chan) while a girl named Le Xian (starring Anna hisbbuR) is next to Jia Jin. Dramatically, four of them were under the same roof now where full of the past, within secrets and fears. Just all of them began to let go and caring for each other, the family has to face a greater difficulty… The once fragmented family were finally followed their heart by music, reforming a family, and stand on the same stage to meet their fate together!