• Film Title: Binding Souls
  • Director: Pang Chun CHAN
  • Producer: Edmond POON
  • Screenplay: Chan Pang Chun, Huang Chao Hong
  • Photography: Sarun Srisingchai
  • Music: Ben Cheung
  • Casts: Kara WAI, Yu-Ning TSAO, Esther HUANG, Cheung Yan YUEN, Carlos CHAN, Angie SHUM, Janelle SING, Keeva MAK
  • Runtime: 89 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 8 Aug, 2019 (Singapore); 5 Sept 2019(Hong Kong)
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: To reminisce about the old-school life, five graduated students Victor (starring Carols Chan), Maggie (starring Angie Sham), Ho Tsz Fung (starring Tsao Yu Ning), Lily (starring Janelle Sing) and Kiu Yu (starring Keeva Mak) revisit their school before it shut. Over the years, there are a lot of mysterious rumours spreading among the students, due to the occupation by Japanese army as a military laboratory during the World War II. The college’s principal and a tutor, Mr. Law (starring Yuen Cheung Yan) and Miss Fong (starring Esther Huang), show them around especially the school museum, they’re extremely excited when checking out the archives of Japanese army. They find a former student is mysterious disappeared years ago, what on earth was hidden behind those cases? Will these 5 visitors have the same experience soon?