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  • Film Title: Cyber Heist
  • Director: Wong Hing Fan
  • Producer: Soi Cheang
  • Screenplay: Lui Koon Nam, Ip Ming Ho
  • Photography: Cheng Siu Keung
  • Music: Josh Cruddas
  • Casts: Aaron Kwok, Lam Ka Tung, Simon Yam, Megan Lai, Kenny Wong Tak Bun
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date: 3 March 2023(China); 9 March 2023(Hong Kong, SAR)
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: A menacing forest of fiber and data lies behind every digital screen. The Internet, while having given birth to many innovations, is also the nest of deadly computer viruses. Around the world, on a daily basis malicious hackers attack firewalls holding Governments, private companies and citizens hostage. However, not even the strongest of the hackers can do in Chun (Aaron Kwok), a genius cyber security engineer who can fend off any attack with his innovative, self-developed protective firewall system. In an attempt to bring him down, unfortunately Chun gets caught up in a money laundering operation where he discovers that his boss Chi (Lam Ka Tung) is behind the attack. To fight Chi and regain his integrity and credibility, Chun has to venture into the dark web where he can deploy an all-powerful AI virus that he created; along the way taking down violent hit-men and hackers in order to uncover the evidence of Chi’s crimes. In the meantime, Chi attempts to seize Chun’s technology, further resorting to blackmail while kidnapping Chun’s wife (Megan Lai) and their daughter in an effort to get Chun to turn sides. With the super AI virus going rogue and corrupting the web and the clock ticking down, how can Chun save the world, save the internet, save his family, and take down Chi at the same time?