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  • Film Title: Guia in Love
  • Director: Sam Leong
  • Producer:
  • Screenplay: Ram Lin, Yu King Lee Celia
  • Photography: Chong Tan
  • Music:
  • Casts: Stephy Tang, Wong You Nam, Annie Lau, Wilfred Lau, Babyjohn, Vivian Chan, Terence Chui, Wilson Lam, Vincent Wan
  • Runtime: 98 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 17 Sep 2015 (Hong Kong)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Ka Sing, Kai Kwong and Yuk Lan were friends and always hung out at the lighthouse. Ka Sing and Kai Kwong both fallen in love for Yuk Lan, at last she chose Ka Sing and they had a happy life together until Yuk Lan was passed away. Kai Kwong decided leaving Macau sadly. Now, 45 years later, Kai Kwong becomes a rich and powerful person in Macau. His daughter Debbie (Stephy Tang acts) helps in running the hotel business. Her dull days are brightened up when she meet the casino dealer, Sze Wah (Wong You Nam  acts)… Chun Kiang (Wilfred Lau acts) is the son-in-law of Ka Sing and Yuk Lan. Their daughter passed away in a car accident and left behind an 8 years old son Tou Tou. Tou Tou and his classmate Yan try to pair his father up with Yan’s aunt, Lai Sze Fun (Annie Lau acts)… Junior Kin (Babyjohn acts) is a big fan of cars, her girlfriend Phillis (Vivian Chan acts) is talented in singing and appreciated by a music director who subsidized her to go to Japan for further training. Both of them realized that their love story will end once she becomes a popular singer… What’s the end of their love stories? There is no regret as they had truly loved each other already.