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  • Film Title: Home Sweet Home
  • Director: Leste Chen
  • Producer: Siu May, Li Ning
  • Screenplay: Leste Chen, Siu May, Lee Wei Ting, Xie Rui Feng, Xiao Kai Wen
  • Photography: Charlie Lam
  • Music: Kubert Leung
  • Casts: Aaron Kwok, Hsu Wei Ning, Duan Yi Hong, Zhang Zi Feng
  • Runtime: 111 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 1 May 2021
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Awards:

Synopsis: This wealthy family, everyone’s dream of, covered with some secrets. The outstanding father, gorgeous mother, clever daughter, and well behaved little son creates such a harmonious family. One day, the father brings back a stranger who involved in a car accident… There is a horrible school bus accident that already killed several kids. The driver takes his risk to save a boy. He lost part of his memory because of that. He is desperate. The boy’s father wants to thank him from saving his son and brings him home to provide him a comfortable place to stay. They then live together for years. However, everyone in this family seems living together but indeed their soul are separated apart. They all have their own mysterious thoughts. They behaved suspiciously, and now weird things happened like a curse. For what have happened, some screams and gets lost, some self mutilated to find its release, some fled in fear. Those abnormal seems related to the school bus accident. And the father seems to be aware everything which is within his hand. Why the father bought the driver home? What’s the story behind?