I'm Livin' It poster
  • Film Title: I'm livin' it
  • Director: Hing Fan WONG
  • Producer: Soi CHEANG
  • Screenplay: Ja POON
  • Photography: SK YIP(HKSC)
  • Music: Peter KAM
  • Casts: Aaron KWOK, Miriam YEUNG, Alex MAN, Nina PAW, Tat Ming CHEUNG, Cya LIU, Zeno KOO
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: In Hong Kong, where the property price is among the highest in the world, many residents below the poverty threshold still live a wandering homeless life on the streets. But since 2006, they can choose to live in 24/7 McDonald’s restaurants just for the nights, sheltered from bad weather. They are the so-called McRefugees. Bok would be a promising young man but for his parents who died untimely and his grandfather who Bok has to take care of for his Alzheimer’s disease. In dilemma between his family and future, Bok finally chooses to give up his future. In order to give his grandfather better nursing, he himself has become one of the first generation of McRefugees! But he never has self-pity. Besides working a casual laborer, he devotes himself to make a voice for the people. Gradually, he is loved by the people in the community and he intends to run for a District Council position. Meanwhile he gets to know Mama and Sam who share similar fate with him…   Mama is a typical “double-not” child’s mother. She was pregnant after the romance with a Hong Kong man but wasn’t accepted by the man’s mother. For the sake of her child’s future, she gave birth to her daughter and then got repatriated immediately. Several years later, the man got stressed out and committed suicide, while her daughter Sweetheart was even driven away from home by her mother-in-law, an additive gambler. Fortunately, Mama has got Bok’s help. She gets a tourist visa to live with her daughter and also becomes a McRefugee. But Mama can’t find a job legally. She has not only to part with her daughter regularly but also to settle the gambling debt of her mother-in-law. At last her life comes to a blind alley. Suffering from a serious disease since childhood, Sam is withdrawn; he refuses to communicate with others and stays at home all the time. One day, he runs away from home after a quarrel with his brother’s family. He meets Bok when he wanders on the streets and thus becomes a McRefugee. Influenced by Bok’s ardency, he begins to find the goal of his life. He not only tries hard to make money, lives with his elderly mother, but also works together with Bok for the community, which gives a perfect ending to his own life… When these people from different background get together, what kind of stories do they develop? And how will they walk their life paths in the city?