• Film Title: Insane
  • Director: Wu Qi
  • Producer:
  • Screenplay: CUI Yuanyuan, CHEN Baoluo
  • Photography: WU Gui Chuan
  • Music:
  • Casts: CHAU Pak Ho, WANG Zhener, Robert Knepper
  • Runtime: 97 mins
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Adapted by a Korean horror title “Insane”, continuing its chilly and mystery. A famous TV show producer Yam Chi Ho (starring CHAU Pak Ho) gets a chance to return to his pinnacle by directing a new project in a burned-out mental hospital where he believes there is mysterious happenings related to horrible spirit. A diary was found in the ruins, which made Yam curious about the experience of the diary’s owner as well as the only survivor in the fire accident, Ng Yeuk Yan (starring Wang Zhen). Yam requested to interview Yan for details. During their meetings, Yam finds lots of unreasonable happenings described by Yan. The whole story is about to emerge…