Kidnap Ding Ding Don poster
  • Film Title: Kidnap Ding Ding Don
  • Director: Wilson CHIN
  • Producer:
  • Screenplay:
  • Photography:
  • Music:
  • Casts: Ivana WONG, Alex FONG, Kabby HUI, Bill CHAN, Mini KUNG, Shiu Hung HUI, Mimi CHU, Mei Yee KONG, Bob LAM, Emily KWAN, Alycia CHAN
  • Runtime: 97 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 23 Jun 2016 (Hong Kong)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Don (starring Alex Fong) wakes up in an abundant house and realize can’t remember anything. He thenfinds a kidnapped girl​ Ding​d​ing (starring Ivana Wong) next to him. In reverse, Ding​ding threatens and lureshim for kidnapping in order to catch her father’s attention. ​Both fake hostage and kidnapper stays togetherand triggers a series of​ joke. ​During their stay in the village​, they realize there is full of love, friendships and humanity​. Ding​ding gradually gets rid of her spoiled and unruly attitude. Don’s pity for ​her evolves into love and​ touch Ding​ding’s​ heart. ​Good times never last, Ding​ding is kidnapped​ again​. Don goes crazy and runs around all night​ for her. ​Unexpectedly,​ he finds ​that it is more than a kidnap…