• Film Title: Love is Cold
  • Director: Fei HO
  • Producer: Wei JIANG
  • Screenplay: Fei HO, FAYE NG, JIANG WEI
  • Photography: REN JIE
  • Music:
  • Casts: Endy CHOW, Michael TONG, Snow TANG, Josephine LEONG
  • Runtime: 92 mins
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: The movie was happened before the hand-over of Macau to the Mainland China in 1999. It started with the two casts cautiously cleaning up a crime scene. Who did they murder? What is their reason for killing? What was the story behind? A girl who moved to Macau from Mainland China has been bullied and humiliated in her new school life. Another boy who born in a complicated family who have close relations with the local gangster. What is their encounter for Love? Love between lovers? Love between friends? Love between families? Or it just a mean of Revenge…