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  • Film Title: Quan Dao: The Journey Of A Boxer
  • Director: William SO
  • Producer: Alex Yuen
  • Screenplay: Bill Yip, Soman Choi
  • Photography: Oliver Lau
  • Music:
  • Casts: Kwok Kwan CHAN, Ka Nin NGO, Awayne LIU, Ashina KWOK, Dominic LAM, Kwok Pong CHAN
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Ah Ni (starring CHAN Kwok Kwan), 12-year-old boy, has to take care of his blinded dad (starring Dominic LAM). He is always being bullied by squad when selling souvenir fluorescent sticks on the street for living. It was tragedy that Ah Ni’s father got his eye blinded because of a friend – Uncle Hing. Since then, he tried to hide and have his peaceful life with Ah Ni. Years later, two brothers meet again. Uncle Hing now is a teacher of a boxing studio and he promised to teach Ah Ni well. Ah Ni is a helpful person. He will help and fight back every time someone has encountered bullying. Under Uncle Hing’s training, his fist becomes faster, more ambiguous and more accurate.Indeed, the boxing studio is not running as good as before. They don’t have money to maintain it. Ah Ni and his friend Piggy (starring NGO Ka Nin) wish to find a way to make underground fighting in earning money. Still, it’s not good enough when compared to a job in the slaughterhouse.One day, Piggy discovered a group of people from another boxing studio has used pigs to smuggle drugs. The boss first convinced Piggy involved in the event for money. In order to prove his contribution valued to the boxing studio, Piggy agreed to help. In reverse, the boss has set up a trap and beats Piggy almost to death.To save Piggy, Ah Ni has decided to accept the final battle in the downfall. Could Ah Ni finally be the champion and save Piggy’s life?