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  • Film Title: Smashing Frank
  • Director: Trevor Choi
  • Producer:
  • Screenplay:
  • Photography:
  • Music:
  • Casts: Kaki SHAM, Locker LAM, Hedwig TAM, Renci YEUNG, Ben YUEN, YEUNG Wai Lun
  • Runtime:
  • Theatrical release date:
  • Language:
  • Awards:

Synopsis: After the jewelry store heist, the robbers left a graffiti mark reads “FRANK” which draws public curiosity about their motives. What exact message they want to convey? One step away from dropping school, Kay Yuet (starring Hedwig TAM) feels no sense of belongings to the society. On a whim, she thinks rather take control of her own fate than be a corporate slave. She plans to build her career as a robber and in her own way! Strike a chord by sharing livestream videos when she commits crimes, creating herself as a “KOL via robbery”. Sometime ago, Kay met Chun (starring Kaki SHAM) who is charged as first offender as the same as hers and serving community service order together. Joined by Kay’s childhood friend Hugo (starring Locker LAM), the three teamed up doing Robin Hood-style robberies as known as “FRANK”. The weirdo outcasts of society have their own skills that can complement each other when working together. They aim to bring no peace to wily rich people. FRANK grows in strength by enrolling another member Chelsea (starring Renci YEUNG) in. She is a part time girlfriend who targeting wealthy individuals. Now, they officially declare war at the ugly high society. Meanwhile, a scandal is revealed about the upper-class church, whose members are accused of using their dedication to the church but actually transferring money without chase. The church’s representative deacon, Ho Ka Wung (starring Ben YUEN) becomes an Aunt Sally. Ho holds a press conference to try to get off the hook and divert all public attention to recent robbery group FRANK. At the same time, his offensive remarks against FRANK cause a stir. When FRANK robs a money exchange store, which accidentally involved in a money laundering conspiracy related to the church. Stuck in this unexpected crisis, can FRANK walk away unscathed as usual?