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  • Film Title: Pretty Heart
  • Director: Terry NG Ka Wai
  • Producer: Fruit CHAN, NG Sui Wan, O Sing-Pui
  • Screenplay: NG Yu, LAI Chun, YUNG Man Tak, LAM Pak Hei
  • Photography: TAM Ka Ho Karl
  • Music: Anna LO
  • Casts: Vincent WONG Ho Shun, Jennifer YU Heung Ying, Hugo NG Hwee Lai, LAW Kar Ying
  • Runtime: 98 mins
  • Theatrical release date: 28July 2022 (Hong Kong, Macau)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Awards:

Synopsis: Mr. K.K. Ho (starring Vincent WONG), is a leading “star tutor” with remarkable achievements. Lee Lung Kei (starring Hugo NG), the stingy boss and principal of the cram school, regards Mr. Ho as a trump card. Chloe (starring Jennifer YU Heung Ying), a traditional high school teacher, has always tried her best in teaching. Chloe despises K.K.’s teaching methods and refers to them as deviant. The two of them give tit for tat in class. Their conflict leads to K.K.’s appreciation for Chloe. He gives her flowers as an apology, but Chloe never accepts. He finds out Chloe is the daughter of Principal Lee. When she was young, she witnessed her mother being bullied and died by accident. That is why she deeply hates her father and refuses to get in touch with him. K.K. with wisdom and courage, who breaks through all the obstacles to pursue Chloe but also takes into account the father-daughter relationship. However, he learns Chloe has genetic heart disease and what’s worse, due to her diligent teaching for years, the doctor believes that she could only live for half a year at most. On a rainy night, Chloe is still worried about her students’ exam and force herself to leave the hospital. Her father hears the news and hurriedly drives to pick her up. On their way back, they have a traffic accident. Mr. Lee is badly injured and passes away, while Chloe narrowly escapes from death. After that, she is so discouraged to give up everything, including love and teaching. K.K. helps her recollect the past, until she really understands all about Mr. Lee and let go their 20-year feud. With Ho’s encouragement, Chloe finally starts again to teach and even to love.